Neighborhood News

Please be sure to contact the Architecture Review Committee if you have any plans to modify the exterior of your home.  This includes construction, landscaping, tree removal, painting, and installation of play structures.  The Architecture Review Committee can be reached via email, 


The Polo Fields Homeowners Association Board is committed to maintaining and improving the neighborhood both aesthetically and functionally.  We work hard to keep our neighborhood as one of the premiere neighborhoods in the area.  

2017 Overview

Common Area Maintenance

  • Continued with summer and winter maintenance
  • Continued maintenance of Dornoch Pond and Birkmoore Park
  • Request for Bids was distributed for summer & winter maintenance contracts

Tennis Courts

  • The backboard at the tennis courts was replaced

Social Events

  • Fourth of July Pool Party
  • Labor Day Pool Party
  • Halloween Family Event

Speed Calming

  • The need for additional speed humps and procedures for implementation were discussed

2016 Overview

  • Tennis Courts.  The tennis courts were resurfaced this fall.  Courts are now available for playing.  An event will be held in the spring that will feature the new courts.  A new rebounder will be installed in the Spring
  • Speed Humps.  Speed calming meaures were installed on Polo Fields Dr. in the form of speed humps.  Four speed humps were installed on Polo Fields Dr. between the Zeeb Rd entrance and Dornoch.  Signs marking the humps will be placed at each speed hump.
  • Road Maintenance.  Scio Township applied crack fill to the major cracks on the neighborhood roads.  This maintenance should prevent the cracks from becoming larger.
  • Trees.  A dead tree audit was completed this summer.  Many dead trees were removed around the neighborhood. 

2015 Overview

  • Entry Signs.  Landscaping will be installed around the signs at Birkdale and Park Road, Fairway Park and Liberty, and the sign at Birkmoore Park.
  • Dornoch Pond.  A simple landscaping design will be installed around Dornoch Pond.  The main purpose of the plaintings in this area will be to deter geese from entering the pond.  The Board is still working to finalizing the landscaping plan for the area.
  • Speed Calming.  The Board is looking into speed calming measures for the neighborhood.  The Washtenaw County Roads Commission has provided the HOA with a Speed Hump Implementation Plan for Polo Fields Dr.  Implementation of the plan would require the approval of 75% of the affected homeowners.  The "affected" homeowners includes anyone living on Birdie Ln, Polo Fields Dr., Bogy Ct., and Chipshot Ct.  Additionally, the WCRC has provided the HOA with a plan for installing crosswalks at Polo Fields Dr., across from the PFCC and on Glenmoore, near the playground.  The Board will review both options for speed calming to determine the best solution for the neighborhood.
  • Curbs and Gutters.  Curbs and gutters will be installed at the 5 remaining intersections.  Currently, the HOA is waiting to receive an estimate for this work. 
  • Road Maintenance.  The roads in the neighborhood are in need of minor repair.  Scio Township is looking into this matter. 

2014 Overview

  • Birkmoore Park: Fall 2014: The dead evergreens and other dead trees were removed and replaced.  The honeysuckle and buckthorn bushes were removed from around the birdhouse.  These plants are invasive and spread quickly if not removed.  The Park rules sign has been posted.  The "No Swimming" signs will be removed as soon as possible.
  • The HOA Board and the ARC worked with homeowners to update mailboxes in order to make them compliant with the specifications.  This project is approximately 90% complete at this time.
  • Several Curbs were installed this fall off of Gullane.  The installation included the curbs on Carlisle Ct., Cavendish Ct., and St. Annes Ct.
  • New signs for the side entrances were installed.  Once the weather permits, landscaping will be added around the signs.  The new signs can be found at both Park Rd/Birkdale entrances and at the Liberty/Fairway Park entrance.
  • The plantings at the main entrance off of Zeeb were updated.  The dead bushes that lined the main entrance median were removed and replaced by grasses and additional plantings.