Neighborhood News

Please be sure to contact the Architecture Review Committee if you have any plans to modify the exterior of your home.  This includes construction, landscaping, tree removal, painting, and installation of play structures.  The Architecture Review Committee can be reached via email, 


The Polo Fields Homeowners Association Board is committed to maintaining and improving the neighborhood both aesthetically and functionally.  We work hard to keep our neighborhood as one of the premiere neighborhoods in the area.  


2019 Overview

Common Area Improvements

1. Replaced entrance signs at Zeeb and Liberty entrances

2. Repaired Tennis Court Fence

3. Soccer Field: installed new soccer nets, area was expanded and cleared of poison ivy, and deer fence was installed

Speed Calming Activities

1. Board continued to discuss speed calming activities

2. Speed signs were installed by park area on Glenmoore

3. Police patrols were scheduled in the Fall.

Architecture Review Committee Activities

1. Dornoch Pond landscape plan was developed and installed

2. Dornoch Pond plantings were installed

3. Goose Roundup program executed

4. Completed 3 Property Maintenance Audits and 1 Mailbox Audit