Neighborhood News

Please be sure to contact the Architecture Review Committee if you have any plans to modify the exterior of your home.  This includes construction, landscaping, tree removal, painting, and installation of play structures.  The Architecture Review Committee can be reached via email, 


The Polo Fields Homeowners Association Board is committed to maintaining and improving the neighborhood both aesthetically and functionally.  We work hard to keep our neighborhood as one of the premiere neighborhoods in the area.  

2018 Overview

Common Area Maintenance

1. Awarded 3-year summer and winter maintenance contracts to Great Outdoors

+Summer maintenance contract will include 3 flower installment, playground grade mulch application, rubbish pick up at park, fence repairs, and entrance light maintenance.
+Winter maintenance will include salting intersections and major curves and plowing at > 1 inch

Speed Calming Activities

1.  Police Patrols Patrols were scheduled for September and October. 26 stops in total, 3 stops were for speeding, citations issued were for impeding traffic and disobeying the stop signs.

2.  Walkability Survey

+Mailed out to Phase A homeowners to assess walkability in the neighborhood.
+Average homeowner score was a 3 – Okay, but needs work (scale of 1-5.)

3.  Discussed options with WCRC

+Installation of radar speed limit signs was discussed.
+Procedures for installing signage were reviewed.
+HOA appealed the Speed Hump Plan for Glenmoore. Appeal was denied.

4.  Sent letter to state representative, Donna Lasinski, to inform her of the safety issue.

Architecture Review Committee Activities

1.  ARC Approval Process was Updated

+Changes to the exterior of your home, such as a change to your current landscape plan or the painting of your home require approval.
+Approval form can be found on HOA website, under the ARC tab. Forms can be mailed to
+Pre-approved list of paint colors located on HOA website

2.  Mailbox Audits were Conducted

+Non-compliance notices were sent out.


1.  Entrance medians at Zeeb Rd were updated

+Grass was removed and mulch added to this area.

2.  New Birkmore Park maintenance plan was implemented.

3.  HOA website updated

+ARC tab added to include the request for approval process.
+Added functionality to allow homeowners to update contact information.