Life in the Polo Fields

The Polo Fields Homeowners Association Board

The Polo Fields neighborhood is managed by an Association Board comprised of volunteer representatives from each of the five phases that make up our community. Our mission is to promote the quality of life for the residents of our neighborhood, serve our association as liaisons with local government agencies, maintain the integrity of the covenants by which our neighborhood is governed and to represent homeowners concerns.      


Residents pay annual dues to cover the cost of snow removal, the landscaping and maintenance of common areas, the playground and basketball areas, social activities and upholding the governing covenants.  These covenants can be found on our website in the important documents section.  You can reach the homeowners association via email at


When driving through our community, please note that the SPEED LIMIT is 25 MPR.  We are an active community with walkers, bikers, children and golf carts that share our roads.


Community Playground

Located on Gullane Drive, the neighborhood maintains a park for residents.  Surrounded by white rail fencing, the park consists of a large play structure with slides and climbing places, swing sets, tether ball and picnic tables.  Next to the play ground is a mini soccer field.  Its a great place for summer birthday parties!


Birkmoore Park

Birkmoore Park is a serene area perfect for exploring nature.  A lovely space for birding and watching animals in their habitats, it is maintained for the enjoyment of all residents. 


Community Basketball Court

Just around the curve is a basketball court for kids and adults alike to have some fun, get some exercise and socialize with other neighbors. Please play half-court if there are multiple parties looking for court time.  

*Parking for the Playground and Basketball Court is in the lower level of the Polo Fields Golf and Country Club parking lot.


Park Rules:

This is a Private Park for Residents of the Polo Fields and Members of the Country Club  ~ Please Help Keep Our Park Clean - No Glass Containers in Park ~ Supervision is Recommended on Play Equipment ~ Please Share Equipment and Basketball Court When Necessary ~ Pets Must Be Leashed at All Times and are Not Permitted on Play Structures  ~ Please Park Your Cars in the Country Club Lot ~ Park Closes at Dark